October 18 – Santiago

We checked into the pension, took a little break, and then walked to the Cathedral square. And OF COURSE we ran into our friends Dorota, Kasha, and Luda, and enjoyed a snack and drink with them.

Then it was off to the “xxx office” to obtain our official pilgrim credential, or “compestela” (explain what this means).   We waited in line for only a few minutes and interestingly enough when it was my turn I was helped by a couple from Afton, Minnesota who were volunteering in the Pilgram office during the month of October! They had done the Camino three years ago. So funny to hear the Minnesota accents again.

Laurie let us know that the “incense-thing” was going to be part of the 7:30 mass, so we decided to meet them there.  We had heard initially that they only did it at the 12:00 pilgrim mass on Fridays, but then we heard that as long as someone pays the 300 euros, they will do it additionally.  It was amazing as I remember from 1999, the first time I was in Santiago with John and our friends Duke, LaDes, Rick and Mary Jo.  I liked the way the little video turned out too.  Attending mass is always an education for me because I never really know what’s going on. I kept leaning over and asking Greg (catholic) to explain.

(Insert video – you have to buy a premium plan)

We then went out for drinks and tapas with our friends, and THEN onto xxx for the fire drink thing. (add more here).

We got a little lost on the way back, but asked for help and got it from a nice young man who pointed us in the right direction.  From that point, we made sure we knew the landmarks to get us back home.  We missed the familiar yellow arrows pointing the way!

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