October 15 -PortoMarin to Palas de Rei

The problem with no updating a blog in real-time is that some of the days become blurry.  This is one – we didn’t take many photos, or post on Facebook, so I think it was a pretty dreary, rainy day.  But look how beautiful the day looked when we started out!


Maybe for those reasons (and probably tiredness and sore feet too), I decided to take a cab half-way through the walk and get to our albergue early.   Greg kept walking on his own, and made good time getting to Palas de Rei.

We stayed in Albergue San Marcos (40 euros), which had a modern feel, almost dormitory like.  It had a common area in the basement for pilgrims to congregate, and laundry facilities!  Having properly washed clothes seemed like a luxury!

We walked about town in the evening and found a sporting-goods type store where we were able to find “proper ponchos” to replace the garbage-bag ponchos we had been using (smart move).  We also found a little place for food – a young man running the place, with his wife and darling little boy sitting at the bar.  Grandpa made an appearance too and said hello to his family.  We had olives, padrons, and this really delicious scrambled egg dish. And wine, of course we had wine. Sandy and Leslie showed up too and we visited with them for a while.  It was a highlight of the trip – it felt like a real Spanish establishment, not a place geared only for pilgrims.



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