October 14 – Sarria to Porto Marin

The bag-piper playing Amazing Grace

This was the day I called the day of stone fences (see FB post).  yes? (yes).  The weather was beautiful all day, and as we walked through the green countryside we commented that it looked like New Zealand, or England, or even “the Shire”.  It was lovely.

The route into the town of Porto Marin included a walk over the highest bridge ever (“just don’t look down, focus straight ahead”), and 58 steps up to the town road.

Once we climbed the stairs, Pension BoaVista (I paid via credit $49) was only a couple of blocks uphill to the right. (by the river).

We walked into the town center, had a glass of wine, looked around a little bit.  (post picture of the church)

Laurie invited us to have dinner with them at O’Mirador  – one of the best  meals of the trip.  I had grilled vegetables for my first course and Galician pork for my second.  With Laurie, Chris, Sandy, Leslie.  Our reservation was at 8:00 – because that was the earliest the restaurant served dinner.  For us pilgrims, 8:00 dinner is LATE – mainly we want to get to bed, a good night’s sleep, because we have to do it all again tomorrow!  But the Spaniards are on a whole ‘nother schedule, so we have to go with the flow.

Total Walked: 22.1K (13.7 miles)

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