October 12 -O’ceBrero to Triacastela

This was a rest day and also Greg’s birthday. We got up in the morning – had two cafe con leches (!) and delicious toast made from that delicious bread.  We arranged for a cab to drive us to Triacastela.  This is where we met Ella from the Netherlands.  She overheard us talking about a cab and asked if she could tag along.  Believe it or not, she had stubbed her toe in her hotel room, (not even on the trail!) hurt it pretty badly, gone to a doctor who told her to rest for three days.  So she was cabbing it from one town to another until she could resume walking.  We saw her off and on for the next few days.

In Triacastela (which is named after three castles though there are none) we stayed at Meson Vilasante (x euros)

We had dinner with a group arranged by Laurie (“the Canadian”) which ended with the table singing Happy Birthday to Greg, and eventually the whole restaurant joining in!  (insert pic)

Total Walked:  0!

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