October 11 -Villa Franca de Bierzo to O’Cebreiro

Today we met Dorota and Kasha in xx town in front of the Farmacia where they were buying toe condoms.  Greg heard them speaking Polish (or maybe it was English with a Polish accent) and started a conversation – friendship was born!  We walked with them the rest of the day.

This is where I sent the “f*&ng route burn” text to Jeff, Linda and John.  Post the trail pic of uphill

At LaFaba I decided “laFuckit” and called a cab from the albergue there to take me to O’Cebreiro.  It was only 4.7k left but I just couldn’t.  It was about to rain.  Greg kept going and walked with a guy from Brazil and Jesus from xx.  I met Laurie and Chris at a bar for a drink, and started to hear from a French guy about how he loved Trump, but fortunately Greg showed up and diverted the attention. (post pic of wet Greg).

We stayed at Casa Vente in O’Cebreiro (40 euro?).  Laurie told us about Pilgrim’s mass at 7:00 which we attended.  An American woman (yes?) spoke the English portion of scripture.  We ate dinner in the hotel restaurant – I don’t remember what I ate.  Huge loaves of bread though.  Really great atmosphere.

Total Walked: 28.9k (18 miles)

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