October 8 – Astorga to Foncebadon

Today we met up with the Canadians and spent the whole day walking with them (I think).  The day started out flat – the colors are orange, blue, beige, and a little green.  Very dry.

We stopped for coffee along the way (insert inside picture of bar) – and I think this is where we met Sandy and Leslie too (look at Laurie’s blog for picture of us sitting outside under umbrella)


As we pass through Rabanal, we start to head up.  By moving past Rabanal, where lots of pilgrims stay, to Foncebadon, we are getting some of the steep incline out of the way today, because tomorrow is even more and we will hit the highest point on the trip.

Insert photo of Greg with Laurie and Chris

Insert photo of Laurie on trail heading up

We stayed in “Convento de Foncebadon”, more of a pension than a hotel, but very nice (40 euros?).  The man who ran the place (Name?) was very funny and sarcastic.

It was here we decided to send our bags ahead because tomorrow was going to be a tough uphill day.  The guy helped arrange for this (nice) for a cheap 5 euros.

We had dinner with Chris and Laurie.  (don’t remember what I ate)

Total Walked: 25.9K (16.18 miles)

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