October 7 – Hospital de Obrigo to Astorga


This morning we woke up, it was still pitch black outside, and everyone in the room was already gone.  We didn’t hear a peep.  We had breakfast in the albergue – instant coffee, toast and jam.

On our way.  The landscape was dry, the sky was big.  The terrain was clay-ey gravel roads.  A few towns along the way.  Hot!


There was a xxx about half-way that was run by a couple in their twenties – the guy was Spanish and the woman Austrailian (yes?)  They had a stand set up with food, water, shade – for pilgrims.  Donation only.  Insert picture.  The hard-boiled egg and banana tasted really good.

Astorga was our destination – a walled city (look up explanation here).  We checked into Albergue xx? and chose our beds in a room with 40 beds.  The moaning French guy.  Took a shower (nice!).  Set out to explore the town.  A beautiful cathedral and “governor’s palace” (lookk this up) designed by Gaudi.  It was worth the admission.

We found restaurant – sat downstairs for a while, then were lead upstairs to the real dining room.  We were the first ones there and pretty quickly it filled up, mainly with other pilgrims.  I think we had the Pilgrim’s dinner – pretty typical fare on the trip – a first course, main course, bread, dessert and wine or water – all for 10 Euros!  A bargain!  Wine is cheaper than water in Spain!  I had albondigas with potatoes (insert photo)


Total Walked:  15k (

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