October 17 -Castenada to Pedrouzo

In the morning we got up early and headed to the albergue for breakfast – it was still dark, but we knew we had a long day ahead of us.  It was also raining, did I mention?

As we stepped out of the albergue to get walking, there were Kasha and Luda!  Dorota had stayed back at their place to get caught up on photos and FB posting.  She is a fast walker, so we knew she would catch up eventually!

The day was pretty gray and dreary and drizzly.  The terrain was mostly flat, through eucalyptus woods and small towns.  See the photo of the Wall of Wisdom – we never learned the story of this piece, but it was an interesting project that gave us a little diversion.

Along the way we passed the marker showing us that we had less than 25K remaining (post photo)! It’s hard to believe we had come so far!

We arrived at Pension Arca around 4:00 and we were warmly greeted by xx (do we know his name even!) It was obvious to him that we were tired (what gave it away? dirty pants, wet hair, legs that didn’t quite move right?).  We took a break, and then headed out to find an ATM and dinner.

Stayed at Pension Arca

total Walked:  25.9k (16.18 miles)

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